Fall Foliage Tour

Experience Fall Family Fun  Foliage Tour

St. Luke Fall FoliageSupport Chamber Members
Created by the Hope Area Chamber

Start at the Valley Bagel & Deli in Panther Valley for a cup of coffee and a bagel.

To start your tour, turn your radio to WRNJ 1510 AM, 92.7 or 104.7 FM and enjoy local Radio. Take a left onto Route 517 North (1.0 mile) to Route 80 West, then to Exit 12, Hope/ Blairstown. Bear right onto Route 521 North. Then, make a right at the Mediterranean Dinner. Get your day started with a good family breakfast.

When you’re ready to continue your tour, turn right at the stop sign and go (1.1 miles) to Longmeadow Farm (9am to 5pm). There you can pick your own apples, pumpkins and buy Farm Fresh goods.  When leaving, turn right onto Route 521 South and go (2.4 miles) to the center of Hope. There you can shop for antiques or art at any one of the three dealers in town; Moravian Star, Hope Junction Antiques, and The Nest. Check out the Museum on the bridge.

Turn North onto Route 519 (1.1 miles) then make a right onto Shiloh Road. Follow that for 1.2 miles, and then make a right onto State Park Road. Tour the State Park on one of three Family-Kid Friendly hiking trails. The office is on the left (1.1 miles) and a picnic area is on the right. When you are finished, continue on State Park Road to the stop sign (1.7 miles), and then turn right onto Route 611. Go (0.9 miles), and turn left onto Hissim Road. Follow that to the stop sign (1.6 miles), and turn left onto Lake Just-It Road. At the stop sign, (1.1 miles) turn right onto Mt Lake Road, and follow that to Lakeside Drive East. At the fire house, bear right onto Lakeside Drive South (1.8 miles). At the stop sign, turn left onto Route 617. Follow that to a yield sign (2. 1 miles) and bear left at the stop sign. At the next stop, turn left onto Route 46 (.4 miles). Go south on Route 31, to the light in Oxford (2.1 miles). At the light, turn right onto Belvidere Avenue (Route 624). Follow that to the Top of the Green Restaurant at Apple Mountain (1.7 miles). Enjoy a memorable lunch on the deck.

When you are ready, turn left onto Belvidere Avenue, go to the stop sign (1.1 miles), and turn right onto Route 623. Then, go to the stop sign (0.4 miles), and turn right onto Route 519 North. Go to Bridgeville (1.8 miles) and turn left onto Route 46. Follow Route 46 west until you get to Ramseyburg Road (4.4 miles) and make a right. Turn right onto Swayze Mill Road (3.7 miles), and then turn left onto Kostenbader Road (0.3 miles). Follow to the end (1 mile). Take notice of the quilt design on Planer’s Barn located directly across the intersection. Turn left onto Route 519 North, and follow that back into the center of Hope (1.7 miles). Go straight at the light and continue on Route 521 North (0.2 miles), to the U.S. Gas Station. Top off your gas tank and get some snacks.  As you continue on Route 521 North, for 1/4 mile, stop at Country Liquor that has the best wine selection in NW Jersey. The Route 80 Intersection is (0.6 miles) north on Route 521.


This concludes Hope Area Chamber of Commerce’s “Family Fun Foliage” tour. We hope you enjoyed your “Day in the Country” and we look forward to seeing you again here in Hope, NJ. Remember, support businesses that are members of the Chamber.

Thank You,
Members of the Hope Area Chamber of Commerce
P.S.: Bring your camera and your spirit of adventure